Initial Account Setup

Upon registration of your first account you will receive a welcome email asking you to set your password.

Clicking this link will take you to the password setup screen.

If you register subsequent accounts using the same email address you will receive a confirmation email. When you sign into the app you will see a drop-down list of your accounts from which you may choose.

If you have any challenges with your setup please submit a ticket at the top right of this page.

Upon successful login you will need to complete ‘Your Organisation’, ‘Your Location’ and ‘Your Officers’ before advancing to 'Your Needs'.

'Your Needs' are determined by the combination of selections under ‘Organisation Size’ and ‘Features’.

Clicking the info button next to each feature will inform you as to the relevant package.

Packages based on organisation size only.

No. of Employees 
1 to 9
Max. 10 Processors
10 to 50
Max. 25 Processors
51 to 250
Max. 50 Processors
> 250

Once you're happy with your selection, click 'Next'

This will present you with the option to subscribe or to continue in Trial mode. If you’re ready to subscribe click ‘Sign Up Now’. To enter the Trial version, click ‘Skip, I’ll do this later’

If you haven’t selected any Features you will be reminded as follows.

Once you click ‘Yes, I am sure this is correct’ you will enter the GDPR365 app. We suggest you click through the tour, starting with the Welcome note.

The following banner will remind you of the number of days left for expiry of the Trial version.

In Trial mode you will not be able to download any system generated PDF documents, you will not be able to add users and you will not be able to copy any code to your websites – e.g. for your privacy notices and the data subject access forms.

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