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What does this software do? 

A full GDPR compliance management service, hosted in the cloud.

It enables organisations’ compliance journeys by providing:

Guidance and checklists for appointing a Data Protection Officer.

Compliance checklists in the areas of Consent Management, Direct Marketing, HR Practices and Information Security – with the ability to assign compliance items to individuals. 

Comprehensive mapping (including visualisation) of personal data processing – which includes processing purposes, mandatory application of lawful bases, internal and external processing locations and application of lawful bases for processing outside the EU.

Online subject access requests functionality.

External and internal privacy notices – fully integrated from data mapping, and dynamically linked to your websites.

Records of Processing Activities – for both controller and processor – integrated with data mapping and your organisation setup.

Default documentation, including a data protection policy, training documents, CCTV policy, acceptable use policy etc. All default documents have the option of using our templates, editing your own or uploading a PDF.

You are also able to create or upload your own custom documents.

The distribution and tracking of documents to your employees or other stakeholders.

The management of processor contracts – with the mandatory application of lawful bases where processing is outside the EU.

The management of data sharing agreements with other controllers – with the mandatory application of lawful bases where processing is outside the EU.

The creation and maintenance of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).

The receipt of and response to subject access requests.

The response to and management of breaches.

Customised notifications of events such as receipt of online subject access requests, completion of compliance items, impending expiry of processors contracts, compliance reviews etc.

How is it priced?

GDPR365 is priced based on the number of employees in an organisation, compared to most competitors offering similar functionality and comprehensive coverage of the legislation, GDPR365 is extremely cost effective.

GDPR compliance is not a once off event, how do I manage ongoing compliance?

GDPR365 is a hosted service which enables a collaborative management of the ongoing compliance process. This means that HR or IT can manage their own compliance areas.

GDPR365 has a full notifications service where users are sent notifications based on their requirements, so for example when processor contracts are due to expire, the relevant users are notified and can take the necessary action.

Does this service make my organisation compliant?

Ultimately, it’s the executive and senior management that must demonstrate compliance. GDPR365 helps you navigate the GDPR, interpret its requirements and provides options for you to deliver on those requirements. It is thus an enabling service. There are numerous instances in the GDPR where controllers or processors must demonstrate compliance – and GDPR365 is up to this task by providing this necessary functionality and reporting. And best of all, it’s all in one place – available 24/7.

How easy is it to use?

GDPR365 has been developed using an extremely intuitive interface. In all areas of the service we have extra information to enable an understanding of the relevant concepts and articles. All terminology can be expanded to give a full description of the term. Where relevant we have links directly to the EU GDPR documents. It is currently used by both privacy professionals as well as people doing compliance management for the first time. An intuitive home dashboard enables an easy progression into the full compliance service.

How do we monitor our on-going compliance journey?

We have a number of reports and dashboards built into the service, these include Records of Processing Activities, a full filterable compliance status/readiness assessment report, graphical data mapping and data collection views. These are all downloadable into PDF, Excel or PNG / SVG format.

We want to offer this software to our clients, how do we do this?

We have a number of options for organisations to resell GDPR365 as a service.

As a Referrer – refer clients to us and get an on-going rebate.

As a Partner – offer your services built around our software; we invoice you an agreed periodic amount; you charge the client your fees.

As a white-label Partner – offer a fully branded solution to your clients, in your name, we provide the hosted service, 2nd line support and we invoice you an agreed amount, you manage and charge your clients on an ongoing basis.

Is my organisation’s data secure?

GDPR365 is securely hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres in Ireland and Frankfurt and uses the latest techniques to ensure that the data is secure.

English is not my organisation’s business language. What languages is it available in? 

We currently provide for privacy notices and subject access query forms in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The full app is available in English, Czech and Portuguese and will shortly be available in other languages. We will add more European languages over time, as requested by clients / prospective clients.

Do you offer a trial period?

We offer a 14-day free trial with limited users, thereafter one can activate full functionality of the account.

What support do you offer?

We have full office-hours support. We can provide on-boarding assistance to your team at a daily rate.

What is the length of the subscription term?

Our minimum agreement is for 12 months, and we do offer 36-month agreements at an improved rate. Notification to cancel must be presented at least one calendar month before the end of the subscription period.

Which browsers can I use?

We support Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. It is important to keep these up to date especially with regards to security issues. We do NOT support Internet Explorer.

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